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The USS Shipley Bay (CVE-85) was a World War II Casablanca-class escort carrier that participated in the Battle of Okinawa and also Operation Magic Carpet, which brought American servicemen home from the war in the Pacific. She was launched February 12, 1944, and decommissioned June 28, 1946. Although she had a distinguished career for such a short life span, her existence also has preserved the memory of John Harry Shipley who graduated from the Naval Academy in 1880, and served our nation up to the early twentieth century.
Uploaded: 20 March 2023
January 17, 1990 newspaper article written on the occasion of Dorothy Shipley Granger's 91st birthday.
Uploaded: 29 May 2022
Dorothy Shipley Granger was conferred the title of "Dean of the Shipleys" in recognition of her lifelong service to the family. This pamphlet was published for the award ceremony that was held at the Shipley's 56th Annual Meeting, Nov 14, 1981.
Uploaded: 20 March 2022
Presentation given at the Shipleys of Maryland Oct 2019 Luncheon by Nancy D. Perrier, MD, FACS, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Professor of Surgery. Born in 1878- Dr. Shipley was a fifth generation member of the Shipley family born in Maryland to Roderick O. and Wilhelmina Clark Shipley. He graduated in 1902 from the Univ. of Maryland after serving important administrative hospital duties such as senior resident and superintendent in the university hospital. Even as a student he was quickly recognized as a man of great potential. In 1911, Dr. Shipley was appointed Chairman of Surgery at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. Dr. Shipley was elected to membership in the Southern Surgical Association in 1927, and in 1943 served as Vice President of the American Surgical Association. He remained at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and the University Hospital until his retirement in 1948. His commitment to service was fulfilled until his death in 1957. In 1958 the Southern Surgical Association established the AM Shipley Award to be given annually to the new member judged to have presented the best paper during either the first or second year of his membership. This presentation summarizes Dr. Shipley's medical career.
Uploaded: 6 June 2022
Variety of articles about Dr. Arthur M. Shipley. Courtesy of the Historical Society of Carroll County, Dorothy Shipley Granger Collection.
Uploaded: 18 August 2022
1948 article announcing the retirement of Dr. Arthur M. Shipley (page 2 is missing)
Uploaded: 6 June 2022
University of Maryland Bulletin of the Nurses' Alumnae Association honoring Dr. Arthur M. Shipley after his death in 1955. Contributed by David M. Coit.
Uploaded: 30 August 2022
Biography of Dr. Daniel F. Shipley of Westminster Md by his grand daughter, Milly Shipley. Excerpted from The Shipleys of Maryland Newsletter, April 2010.
Uploaded: 26 August 2022
Linwood Parks Shipley was presented the Distinguished Citizen award by The Shipleys of Maryland in 1980. This pamphlet was prepared by Dorothy Shipley Granger to honor the occasion.
Uploaded: 20 March 2022
When talking about Eldersburg and Sykesville Maryland history, the names of Elder, Patterson, Dorsey and Warfield are commonly heard. Other less well known names include John Welsh and Abel Brown. But the Shipleys were in the Eldersburg area earlier and for a longer period of time than the Patterson's; they married into the Brown family, and through the descendants of that marriage, also married into the Warfield and Patterson families; patented land tracts that were later sold to the Elders, the Browns, and the Pattersons; and were neighbors to all of them. The Shipleys had many children, and much of the land that they patented was sold to their neighbors or divided among their children. In this paper, Janine Wilson discusses how the Shipleys tie into the history of Eldersburg. (29 pages)
Uploaded: 30 August 2022
Biography of William Henry Shipley (1843-1917), the founder of Shipley Bottling Works in Frederick MD. Excerpted from The Shipleys of Maryland April 2010 Newsletter.
Uploaded: 26 August 2022