The Shipleys of Maryland
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About Adam Shipley

Origins of the Shipley Name and Clan- According to the best authorities,
the word Shipley is of Anglo-Saxon origin.  It is one of the oldest names of England, is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1068, and goes back in useage prior to the present form of the English language.  The spelling varies: Shipleigh, Shipeley, Shaplie, Sheplie, Shepley, Chipley and others, but in most cases it is Shipley.  The two syllables constitute the variants of Sheep Lea, Sheep Meadow or Sheep Isle, a place where sheep are grazed or tended.  In England, there are many places bearing the name Shipley- hills, valleys, villages, abbeys, glens.
Adam Shipley's English Roots- Research conducted in cooperation with the The City of York & District Family History Society (UK), followed by a fact-finding trip to England in 2019, indicated that the only Adam Shipleigh (Shipley) born in the district within the appropriate timeframe lived in an area of North Yorkshire called Kirkby Fleetham, located about 30 miles from the City of York.  Here, the records of St. Mary’s Church in Kirkby Fleetham show that a man named Richard